Slag recycling

The main activity of Barengo group of companies is recycling of industrial slag dumps. In this sphere Barengo has a huge experience and advanced technologies. Barengo is constantly inviting the best specialists and making significant investments in R&D.

Our key benefits and principles:
  • All processing equipment is designed by engineers of Barengo, most of the parts for equipment are also produced inside Barengo group. Used technological solutions excel world analogues in terms of technical parameters and cost effectiveness.

  • For each new project, specialists of Barengo developing unique technological scheme and configuration of equipment, which takes into consideration exact features of slag on the object.

  • Recycling abilities up to 1 mln. tons per year in 24/7 mode.

  • Once Barengo entering a slag dump, it means that it will be completely processed. Neutralized metallic wastes are recycled into raw materials for steel mills (scrap, skulls, granules, powder from ferrous and non-ferrous metals), other wastes are recycled into materials and products for construction industry (concrete blocks, paving blocks, curbstones, rubble, sand, etc.

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