We work with iron waste, steel industry and manufacturing of alloyed and unalloyed steels out of our own raw material supplied in the form of ingots of specified chemical composition for further processing in the metallurgical industry.

On behalf of the company we offer steel ingots suitable for use in metal batch for production of quality steels in metallurgical melting aggregates, especially electric arc furnaces, induction furnaces and so.

Based on your requests, we deliver ingots from our warehouses or we will offer future deliveries of chemically formulated containers and sizes according to your specific requirements or our current offer. We believe that certificates of chemical composition of our materials and appropriate size and weight allow you to increase the production of melters and reduce production costs.

All our products are certified.


Presented data on chemical compositions are examples of ingots, produced by our company.
The chemical composition of the ingots for production is coordinated with the customer and completely coincides with the specified parameters.

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